Ocean Freight

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Ocean Freight


We go far beyond the ocean, across the borderlines and countries, to provide you with all the necessary tools you need to roll your logistics in a perfect, yet efficient way, together with business integration, connecting vendors suppliers, and manufacturers all around the globe.

Sea freight logistics standards and trade laws evolve, in-depth experience on the ins and outs of international shipping agents creating a customized experience of global freight solutions for an end-to-end chain supply management, meaning your cargo moves smoothly around the world.


Shipping on a boat is the cheaper option

Sea ship logistics that use boats, on the other hand, tend to bill customers based on the size of the shipment rather than the weight. When you’re shipping your belongings by boat, they’ll be packed into containers.

In comparison to rail, road, and ocean freight rates are more affordable and especially more economically viable for bulkier cargo.

Maintenance cost of water transport is quite cheaper in comparison to maintenance cost involved in rail transport.

It is more than 50% cheaper than Air. That Sounds Great!!


Shipping by sea means you’ll likely purchase a container for your goods. An experienced freight-forwarder such as Southwest Star can help you make the best use of your space.

Heavy and bulky items in a shipment can be transported with ease through ocean freight.

  Only ships can transport bulky items such as automobile parts, machinery, industrial parts, etc. and can also carry all kinds of heavy objects.

Ocean freight transportation provides several different shipping options which include taking an entire container or sharing between several different loads.

Safe Travels

One of the most significant advantages of sea transport is that your items will move safely and securely. A merchant vessel can carry hazardous materials or dangerous cargo without issue.

The ships are designed to carry dangerous  materials and critical  cargo safely.

The industry is well-versed in the handling of such goods and has managed, in place to ensure the security  of the vessel, troop, cargo and the environment.

Containers are locked securely during transit to keep your valuables safe en route.

Overall Efficiency

 There is no matter the size of your shipments, sea freight companies can usually contain your needs. Tinier  shipments can be arranged in  a group together with other cargo to fill a container, agreed cost-sharing for the transportation services.

The space available for your cargo can be a huge concern for logistical purposes, especially if your goods are big in size or dimensions.

Sea freight services provide greater flexibility about the weight, size, dimensions, and space as the vessels can accommodate nearly any type of goods irrespective of their weight or dimensions.

Your shipment is easily rolled or carefully lifted into the cargo area of a merchant vessel. It is secured onboard and stays in place for the whole ride with minimal shaking or jostling, reducing the risk of damage.

Environmental Impact

Shipping your goods by boat has a lower environmental impact than air freight. For some people, this is an important consideration. Boats emit far less carbon dioxide than planes. In addition, the international ocean freight industry is constantly working to improve this shipping method’s environmental friendliness. Industry organizations have set standards for ships’ fuel efficiency.

 Ship transport generally produces lower emissions, even on long voyages. The volume of goods moved in one trip is larger, so fewer trips need to be made.

Consumers are getting more informed and aware about the environmental issues and expecting the companies to use eco-friendly practices in their operations and entire supply chain process.

Choosing sea freight service over an air freight service will result in the lesser amount of greenhouse gas due to its additional space capacity.

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