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Air Freight

One of the most efficient and fastest ways to ship your goods is air cargo logistics. Thus, you still will face some of the limitations that come with it as well. For example, you can’t fly liquid, explosive, and bulk substances and materials. Still, when you need to move your stuff and move it as fast as possible, or your cargo is valuable, perishable goods – documents, and correspondence then the choice is all yours.

Starting in 2022 Southwest Star Inc. works directly with American Airlines Cargo, Delta Cargo, United Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Southwest Cargo, and many others to allow our customers the most efficient routes for a great value of money.

Adding to that delivered by air is a high guarantee of cargo safety. It is no secret that airport storage conditions are higher than in seaports and railway stations. According to statistics, the accident rate of road and rail transport is dozens of times higher than technical force majeure with airplanes. Damage to the goods during the flight is minimized. The theft rate is close to zero, thanks to the latest monitoring systems at airports for loading and unloading.
This type of transportation is relevant, first, for fragile, valuable things, for example, art objects that do not tolerate dampness and coldness.

Air freight cargo international is just two customs controls: loading (before departure) and unloading (upon arrival), while other types of transportation involve management at each border crossing.


Fastest Shipping Method

If you have to ship the goods within the shortest possible time to another destination then it is best to opt for air freight services. This is definitely faster in comparison to sea or road moving services.

The schedule of departure and arrival is usually reliable. Cargo freight departs every alternate hour.

Sea and land freight will always be significantly slower and unreliable in that respect.

Using international air freight services opens more windows to different parts of the world and more accessible for customers. 

Global Delivery

In the case of long-distance shipment, door to door air freight is just the right solution. A majority of the airlines have a solid network of destinations and airports that they visit.

The coverage area will cover up any safe destination across the globe.

When shipping via air freight, you’re open to more locations for delivery. Relying on sea and land freight means going through major transportation networks.

Flexibility is crucial when it comes to transportation companies, and relying on land or sea freight can be unreliable.

Low Insurance Premium

The process of shipping cargo by air is less in comparison to sea or road. Since the goods are in transit for a shorter period, it means that you have to pay less insurance premium.

While the actual price of the air freight might be more than the other options, you can save money in the other areas like low insurance cost.

Shipments will arrive safely and securely. If you have sensitive or very fragile packages, air freight service will keep them safer than any other form of transportation.

Since the cargo and shipments are in route for less time, there is a much lower risk of the packages being lost or stolen. 

Less Requirement of Warehouse

With the availing air freight service, local warehousing becomes less of a priority, and you do not have to keep the items in stock. Cargo handlers, customs clearance, and cargo inspection are pretty efficient and a majority of the cargos are cleared simply within a matter of hours.

With faster delivery comes less inventory for businesses.

When cargo is able to arrive and depart without delay, inventory management becomes more natural. 

Speed of air freight, allowing the air cargo to arrive and depart without much delay.

Track-able Cargo Status

There are many air freight door to door companies which give you the opportunity to track the products with the help of a web application.

You will be able to monitor the cargo right from the departure time to the arrival.

Using air freight gives you access to the international network of air transport, which provides a broad range of services and adds reliability to any shipment.

It is much easier to track the shipments and maintain the promised delivery time when you can see when it takes off, what flight the package is on, and when the pack lands.

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