Chemical goods

We Provide Solutions For Many Industries

Southwest Star combines partnerships with leaders in the chemical and gas industries with recognized expertise in the bulk and packaged transportation of liquid chemicals and gas to provide this service. We ship a lot of fluid and gaseous products throughout the USA. Also, we develop customized transportation solutions for delicate goods that guarantee security, quality, and flexibility.


Southwest Star represents force supply chain specialists and recognized leaders in the industry, with a proven track record of delivering exceptional value to our customers.

  • Safety - is above everything else. We can guide you through the enforcement of transportation regulations and organize safety campaigns for your customers.
  • Multimodal solutions for any chemical and gas products. We ship any type of bulk and packaged goods throughout the USA, including chemical products, industrial and medical gases, and LP gas.
  • Additional services. We provide storage of your goods in various forms (special containers, drums, pallets, IBCs, etc.) and carry on your liquid waste.



Cross-border Trucking

Comprehensive trucking services with our own fleet within the USA and across the Asian countries as well.

• Door-to-door full (FTL) and less than full (LTL) truckload services with own fleet vehicles.

• Reliable, flexible and timely service customized to the customers’ requirements.

• Capability of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and chemicals road transport.


Executive Vice President,
Oil & Gas Department


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