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At Southwest Star Inc., we recruit, train, and retain the best logistics and technical experts all over the world. Our high retention rate is affected by a unique compensation program for positions that are more than just jobs! Our employees have stunning chances to develop and thrive. Every agent has good odds of bringing up their own team. Becoming a team leader will skyrocket your income and will become a trigger to your successful career with Southwest Star Inc.

At Southwest Star Inc., our freight agents not only move goods but also resolve complex shipping issues. Our commitment is to focus on customer service, roll up your sleeves and resolve any problems. If you are known as a business owner with transport expertise, apply to join us!

  • Nearshoring is fast becoming a Retail trend, with many stakeholders.
  • Transporting goods from a Distribution Center (DC) to the final point.
  • Southwest Star Inc. orchestrates the flow of products, partly or completely.
  • Solutions that provide short response times to urgent requests.

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The scale, systems, and support of Southwest Star Inc., collectively with our proprietary technology help us deliver unparalleled value to our clients. Southwest Star’s technology makes it easier to coordinate freight shipments. We are a leader in handling digital freight, not just digital load conformity.